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Smart Talent Solutions

Science, Technology and Psychology

We build authentic psychometric assessments based on the latest scientific research that benefit organisations and their employees and deliver real results.

Podium provide robust, modern workplace assessments through an immersive online experience that is tailored to your organisation and its needs.

Our core psychometric assessments are based on best-of-breed, modern scientific models of behaviour including the latest scientific relationships between cognitive functions of the brain and behaviour. Using up-to-the-minute technology, we deliver assessments in a way that showcases your organisation’s brand and values, customised to your specific assessment scenario.

Some of our customers include:

British Medical Association BMA

Putting Your Organisation Front and Centre

Through research and experience in organisational psychology, we have developed recruiting solutions that help streamline onboarding, support employee development and improve organisational culture.

Podium’s assessment experience is built around your organisation’s DNA, and uses best-of-breed assessments with real scientific integrity to help find and develop people who are aligned to what your organisation is all about.

The Podium Difference

ISO 27001 Certified
Podium is proud to be ISO 27001 certified, ensuring top-tier data security and management standards.
Build a fully immersive candidate experience by using your own company branding throughout Podium.
Podium offers a wide range of psychometrics assessments, including personality and ability measurement.

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